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Welcome. You have come to the right page. Being charged with a crime, whether a misdemeanor or felony, is a serious matter and can have long lasting consequences. Your reputation, freedom, and employment are on the line. Being arrested or accused of a crime affects the whole family. You need help - now. We will do our best to give honest and blunt answers to your pressing questions.

Most of all, you need the peace of mind that comes from putting your case and future in the hands of a trusted criminal defense lawyer, skilled and experienced in and out of the courtroom. I have been a Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyer for over twenty five years and have extensive experience defending persons just like yourself.

If you are arrested, being investigated for a crime, or charged with a crime, always talk to a Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible as your statements and actions right before or after an arrest or during a criminal investigation can have a tremendous impact on the outcome.

Sage Advice: Never go to court alone and Never, Ever just plead guilty. Always talk with a Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyer before going to court. Usually, either the charge itself can be reduced, the penalty lessened, or one of the criminal charges dropped. In over 25 years of criminal representation, there have been few cases where I was not able to have a positive impact. I am a criminal defense lawyer who will take the necessary time to advise and guide you through the criminal law maze. Your rights will be protected, and I will raise effective defenses, file appropriate motions, and protect your constitutional rights.

More Advice: Never talk to police. Contrary to conventional wisdom, usually by the time you are read about your right to remain silent it's too late. Miranda warnings do not have to be given until someone is 'under arrest' which has a much different meaning then you may think. You cannot talk your way out of a compromising situation - so don't bother. The more you say the worse it gets. When in doubt - remain silent. You have the right to NOT TALK! Say NOTHING. From experience, it is usually a very bad idea to try and explain yourself. You may be told that if you talk it will help but don't be fooled - it won't. Your words will be used to convict you. Police officers are allowed to lie to you to trick you into confessing.

Persons who have been arrested in West Michigan trust Grand Rapids criminal defense Lawyer Bruce Alan Block, P.L.C. to handle their criminal cases:

  • considerable courtroom experience including numerous jury trials.
  • extensive experience in state courts and federal court experience.
  • a long and successful track record of successfully resolving cases.
  • creative legal strategies gleaned from consultation with other legal professionals.
Whether or not you hire us: Don't go it alone! State prosecutors have the vast resources of the State and unlimited help from law enforcement. You do not know the rules; You will lose; You will be outplayed and outwitted. Find a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer you feel good about, someone who takes the time to listen and who cares about you and your case. Let us interview for the job.

Grand Rapids Criminal Defense Attorney Bruce Alan Block will guide you through the steps of your case, ensuring your rights are protected by raising effective defenses, timely filing motions, and protecting your Constitutional rights. You can trust that he will defend your rights both in and out of court and maximize your chances of acquittal. Grand Rapids, Michigan criminal defense lawyer Bruce Block has over twenty five years of experience defending clients against minor to serious criminal charges. His clients rely on his dogged insistence on justice, fairness, and his willingness to go to trial if a favorable plea agreement cannot be reached.

In this present age, justice and favorable results are most often obtained during pretrial and settlement conference negotiations. Fewer and fewer cases are going to jury trials. Extensive and thorough preparation is essential for achieving great results. Even if your case never goes to trial, our Grand Rapids criminal lawyer is preparing your case for that possibility. When you hire Bruce Alan Block for legal representation against a criminal charge, you are hiring an attorney who will seek practical solutions and provide exceptional levels of service.

Grand Rapids, Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney Bruce Alan Block's practice includes:
  • Marijuana Crimes. We are experienced and well versed in the Michigan criminal marijuana laws and the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.
  • Drunk Driving Drugged Driving (DUI/OWI/DUID). A conviction for drunk or drugged driving DUI or any other traffic violation can have a lasting impact on your life and driver's license.
  • Drug Crimes, including drug possession, distribution, manufacturing, and possession with intent to deliver marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and other illegal drugs.
  • Felony Crimes, including weapons, arson, fleeing and eluding, armed robbery, white collar, felon in possession, and home invasion. A felony poses the greatest risk to your freedom.
  • Misdemeanor Crimes, including possession of marijuana, drunk boating, retail fraud, driving with a suspended license (DWLS), drunk driving, malicious destruction of property, disorderly conduct, domestic violence, trespass, indecent exposure, resisting or opposing police officer, solicitation, urinating in public.
  • High Court Misdemeanors, including Maintaining a Drug House, attempt to commit a 4-year felony, such as Welfare Fraud, or Negligent Homicide: a death resulting from an automobile accident.
  • A criminal conviction can change your life forever. You can trust in our skill and experience to ensure that you have your day in court. If you have been accused or are under investigation, contact us today for a consultation. Our rates are reasonable and will do our best to see speak with you as soon as possible.

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