Automatic Clean Slate Expungements in Michigan

Michigan began implementing the Clean Slate automatic expungement program in April 2023.

Under the automatic expungement law, certain felonies and misdemeanors will be automatically expunged without you having to do a thing.

There are exceptions and waiting periods depending on whether the offense was a felony or a misdemeanor and the type of misdemeanor.

  • Felonies: Up to two eligible felonies will be automatically expunged 10 years after the date of sentence or the completion of any term of imprisonment - whichever occurred last.
  • 93-Day Misdemeanors: Up to four misdemeanors punishable by 93 days or more will be automatically expunged seven years after the date of sentence.
  • Other Misdemeanors. There is no limit to the number of misdemeanors that will be automatically set aside if they were punishable by less than 93 days imprisonment.

The Exceptions
  • If you have 2 or more assaultive convictions you are not eligible for automatic expungement.
  • You cannot have a criminal charge pending.
  • the 7 or 10 year waiting period must have run.
  • the conviction type must be eligible for expungement.

Many offenses are Not eligible for automatic expungement. Offenses that are NOT eligible for automatic expungement include: an offense punishable by at least 10 years in prison, crimes involving assault or dishonesty, serious misdemeanors, homicides, traffic offenses that resulted in death or serious injury, human trafficking, abuse of the elderly, and more.

Even if your criminal conviction is not eligible for automatic expungement - do not despair. Although a criminal conviction may not be eligible for automatic expungement you can still file a traditional expungement petition; the eligible conviction can still be expunged through the traditional expungement process.

Keep in mind that the waiting periods for the automatic Clean Slate law are much longer. For misdemeanors you have to wait 7 years instead of 3, and 10 years instead of 5 or 7 for felonies.

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New 2021 Expungement Laws

In April 2021, a series of new 'Clean Slate' laws became effective that greatly expands expungement eligibility criteria. In some cases, the clean slate law will automate the criminal record expungement process.
These laws:

•Open the expungement process to those with not more than three felonies and an unlimited number of misdemeanors.

•Shorten wait times for applications to set aside convictions to three years for misdemeanors, five years for felonies, and seven years for multiple felonies.

•Automatically expunge up to two felonies after 10 years and four misdemeanors after seven years for those who have stayed crime-free - with no expungement application required.

•Make most traffic misdemeanor offenses eligible for expungement.

•Judges are required to set aside misdemeanor marijuana offenses that would otherwise be legal under the new adult-use weed law within 80 days of receiving an application if the local prosecutors' office does not object.

•Make multiple offenses arising from one crime count as a single offense - the "one bad day rule."

•Keep expunged crimes shielded from the public view, such as employers or landlords.

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New Michigan Law Allows for Expungement of OWI and DUI offenses.

The law in Michigan will soon allow someone convicted of a first offense drunk driving charge (DUI or OWI) to expunge the conviction from their permanent criminal record. This has never happened since the invention of the automobile. These changes are effective February 23, 2022. A person with one OWI conviction on their record can apply to have the conviction expunged from their criminal record.

Who is Eligible to Expunge an OWI?

To be eligible, you cannot have more than one conviction for drunk driving (OWI or DUI), and at least five (5) years must have passed since you finished your probation. This means that if you have more than one drunk driving offense, such as a drunk driving and an impaired driving conviction, you are not eligible to expunge either one.

Who does not qualify to Expunge an OWI?

You don't qualify for expungement if you have more than one DUI on your record, or if your DUI caused a person serious injury or death. Lastly, if the DUI occurred in a commercial vehicle and you had a commercial driver's license (CDL) you cannot expunge the OWI conviction.

OWI Expungement is not Automatic.

An OWI conviction is not subject to the automatic expungement laws that were passed in 2020. It is estimated that about 200,000 Michigan residents or former residents will be eligible to set aside a DUI conviction.
Despite being eligible, most people don't bother to apply to expunge their convictions. However, this is a mistake. Having a conviction on your record from years ago can affect your ability to purchase a firearm, enter Canada, obtain a job, and even to lease an apartment.

We can Help.

The process to expunge an OWI conviction in Michigan is time-consuming and can be complicated. We will help you get it done right the first time. Trust our 30 years of experience helping people just like you clean their records. Call us.

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