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New 2020 Expungement Laws

In October 2020, a series of new 'Clean Slate' laws were signed into law that would both expand expungement eligibility and in some cases automate the criminal record expungement process.
The new laws will:

•Open the expungement process to those with three felonies and any number of misdemeanors.
•Shorten wait times for applications to set aside convictions to three years for misdemeanors, five years for felonies and seven years for multiple felonies.
•Automatically expunge up to two felonies after 10 years and four misdemeanors after seven years for those who have stayed crime-free - no expungement application will be required.
•Violent crimes and "crimes of dishonesty" such as fraud or embezzlement are ineligible.
•Make most traffic offenses eligible for expungement.
•Require judges to set aside misdemeanor marijuana offenses that would otherwise be legal under the new adult-use weed law within 80 days of receiving an application if prosecutors don't object.
•Make multiple offenses arising from one crime count as a single offense.
•Excluding violent crimes or those punishable by 10 or more years.
•Keep expunged crimes shielded from the public view, such as employers or landlords, but they would remain visible to law enforcement.

Keep in mind that these laws do not go into effect for six months. The automatic expungement process does not become effective for two years (October 2022).

We are closely tracking these new laws and will be helping previously ineligible persons file petitions to clean their records once part of the new expungement laws go into effect in April 2021.

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